The Nintendo Switch – Fears, Expectations and Hope


Over the past few weeks, Nintendo has finally given us the details about the upcoming console, the Switch. While I pre-ordered my console back when the first trailer was released, I was anxious to see what Nintendo would offer in terms of actual game announcements. After the reveal in January, I gave myself some time to reflect on the launch line-up. Now, I feel that I’m ready to talk about my expectations for the Switch.

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Why the 3DS-Direct was a let-down

nintendodirect logo.jpg

I love the idea behind the Nintendo Directs: A videogame company produces a video to talk directly to the fans. It’s something more companies could try to do instead of doing press events that can be quite boring. But very often, these Nintendo Directs are a disappointment and the last one was the biggest let-down so far.

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Wii Games Time Forgot

The Nintendo Wii is home to many great games. While I personally have a certain preference for the more weird games out for the system, I can’t deny many of them only have a niche appeal and with some, I have real troubles imagining them having had any kind of success. But then there are those games that were announced, were able to build up some interest and then just vanished. Let me tell you a bit about some of my favourite games that never came out for the system.

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First Impressions: Mugen Souls Z (Steam Port)

Mugen Souls Z Screen 2

Even though the situation has changed quite a bit, Japanese Role Playing Games (JRPGs) are still kind of rare on PC. They still don’t really feel at home on this platform, after all these years of console exclusivity. Slowly, this is changing, with more and more games getting ported to the PC and published on Steam. Some of those ports aren’t all that good, as we have seen with the Tales of Symphonia HD port. With that in mind, let’s have a first looks at the Steam port of Mugen Souls Z, which was originally released on PS3 back in 2013!

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Review: Another Metroid 2 Remake

AM2R Title Screen.jpg

I’ve been talking a lot about Metroid these past few weeks. That’s mostly because Nintendo does not seem to care all that much about the franchise, even though they are releasing Metroid Prime: Federation Force, a game that got a lot of heat for being untraditional, and including new Metroid-themed items in Miitomo, which actually made me start that App for the first time in a month. No, the Metroid thing most people seem to talk about these days is a little fanproject called Another Metroid 2 Remake, or AM2R for short. I got it, played it and now I’m going to tell you how it holds up to official products.

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Star Wars: Rogue One Trailer Impressions

So, the new Star Wars: Rogue One trailer just came out and you know what that means, right? Everyone and their dog wants to share his and her opinions with you. And I can’t resist doing the same, so I guess we do this dance, all right?

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Retro-Review: Metroid Fusion


Metroid Fusion 2.jpg

With Metroid’s 30 Birthday happening this year, it feels like the perfect opportunity to revisit the games that made this franchise so great and maybe play some games that I’ve never completed. Metroid Fusion is one of those games: I tried several times to play it, but never managed to reach the end. This changed this week, as I picked the game to be the first one I livestreamed over at my new Twitch channel. Not only was live-streaming it a fun experience, but the game overall was really enjoyable.

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Pokémon Go: My personal trainer

Pokemon Go Logo

I’ve been always wanting to get more fit. While I’m not overweight, I still have a couple of kilos too much on the scale, so I try and move more. Pokémon Go has been a great help in that respect, as it helps me to move more and for a longer time. Right now, I’m at least walking 6 km each day on my Pokémon hunts, which doesn’t sound like that much, but it’s a huge change for me and it has helped me loose a kilo in my first week of using the app in this way.

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Will the NX replace the 3DS too?


When the recent rumours surrounding the Nintendo NX hit the scene a couple of day ago, I took extra care to not react to it too much. Rumours are rumours after all, even if Eurogamer seems to be very confident about them. Since I had some time to reflect on them, I want to share some ideas and thoughts about them with you.

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Metroid: A Love Letter

Metroid was one of the last Nintendo-franchises that I discovered for myself. Back when I got my Gamecube, I found Metroid Prime used for cheap and since I had little money back then, I added it to my Gamecube collection, which at that time only consisted of StarFox Adventures and Resident Evil. It quickly became my favourite game on the platform for some time and was the starting point for my love for this series.

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